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The Bride Wore Red
Costume seen on Joan Crawford as Anni Pavlovitch
The Big Store
Costume seen on an uncredited extra in a fashion show
Du Barry Was A Lady
Costume seen on Inez Cooper as Miss December
The Legend of Lylah Clare
Costume seen Kim Novak as Lylah Clare

This dress has a fun history. It was designed by Adrian for Joan Crawford in The Bride Wore Red, though the movie itself is in black and white and the full beauty of the colour of the dress was not fully appreciated until later.

The dress makes its second appearance in The Big Store in a fashion show scene. Again the film is in black and white, though Groucho Marx, who escorts the model, does explain "This is a bright red dress" because "Technicolor is sooo expensive!"

Finally, the gown appeared in Du Barry Was A Lady, sans the cape, though this time finally in colour!

It was used again in a promotional image (though in black and white again) in The Legend of Lylah Clare.

The gown, which supposedly weighed around 30 pounds, is still in existence and in extremely good condition considering its age.

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