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Gossip Girl
Costume seen on Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks
Costume seen on Sarah Michelle Gellar as Bridget Kelly

Modern costumes are frequently items readily available for purchase by the general populace, and thus it is not completely out of the question that two costume designers could purchase the same piece, resulting in two people wearing the same costume. This also happens frequently ont he runway when two people wear the same gown. This case, however, I believe is unique, as I think the chances of this coat being the exact same coat, and not an instance of double purchase, are very high. Why? Tthe CW's show Gossip Girl is a vehicle for couture clothing. Both Gossip Girl and Ringer are produced by the CW, and these coats appeared on television in the same week, meaning said coat was around at rougly the same time both episodes were being filmed. The chances that the CW tried to used their coat in two productions is not entirely unlikely. Check out the article on the coat here.


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