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Castle: Home Is Where the Heart Stops
Costume seen on Stana Katic as Kate Beckett
Once Upon a Time: Lost Girl
Costume seen on Lana Parilla as The Evil Queen

When it comes to costuming modern shows, costumes are not generally made from scratch in a costume department, but instead are items purchased in a store.  Sometimes designers can find a one of a kind item in a vintage clothing store, other times the clothing is a mass made product that can be easily purchased in any chain department store, and sometimes they are the latest in couture.  Though studios have much smaller wardrobe and costume departments as they did in the era of the big studios, they do still exist, and they frequently will reuse from their own stock again and again.

This lovely red dress is a great example of the ABC studio pulling from their wardrobe stock.  It’s unknown if this dress was a custom made creation, or off the rack.  It was worn in the 2009 episode of Castle entitled Where the Heart Is, on Stana Katic as Kate Beckett.   Several years later in 2013, the gown made another appearance in ABC’s Once Upon a Time on Lana Parilla as The Evil Queen.  In this instance, the dress has been uses as a base for the costume, and a jacket and other accessories have been added to it, giving it a much different look.

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