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House on Haunted Hill
Costume seen on Carol Ohmart as Annabelle Loren
The Bat
Costume seen on Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia van Gorder

Lobby card for House on Haunted Hill, showing a full shot of the negligee

In the 1950s and 1960s, Vincent Price made a slew of B Horror films. Just as B science fiction films have a history of reuse for costumes and props, so do B horror films.

House on Haunted Hill  and The Bat, both from 1959, are arguably two of Price’s more well known films - the above negligee with a distinct collar of entwined fabrics appears in both.

The gown is first seen in House on Haunted Hill on Carol Ohmart as Annabelle Loren. The costume was worn again by the incomparable Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia van Gorder in The Bat.

The costume can be seen in several lobby cards from both films. One card from The Bat imagines it to be pink, though the true colour is unknown, as both movies were filmed in black and white.

Lobby card for The Bat

Another lobby card for The Bat showcases the gown in pink

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