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Prada Spring/Summer
Dress seen on a runway model
The Great Gatsby
Costume seen on Carey Mulligan as Diasy Buchanan
We're Good
Costume seen on Dua Lipa

The above gown - a creation of crystal drops connected by metal rings was a part of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Collection. It was look number 33 to be precise. 

Several years later, when Baz Luhrmann’s began working on his 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby, his wife and long time collaborator and costume designer Catherine Martin began work on the costumes.  While Martin designed and made many of the film’s costumes herself with her team in Australia, she also decided to collaborate on a few of the pieces with Prada and Miu Miu. After choosing the Prada crystal dress, later dubbed “The Chandelier Dress,” a soft pink gown was added underneath the drops, and a bow added at the front to be worn by Carey Mulligan as Diasy Buchanan.

In 2021, the Chandelier Dress was most recently pulled by Lorenzo Posocco, stylist to singer Dua Lipa for use in her music video We’re Good, where it can be seen being worn backwards from the Gatsby design. 

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