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Costume seen on Serena Gordon as Caroline Lennox
Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace
Costume seen on Sophia Myles as Madame du Pompadour
Fanny Hill
Costume seen on Rebecca Night as Fanny Hill

It is not known where this lovely gown originated, considering the fact that most gowns for Aristocrats were recycled from other productions. The gown has been seen two times following its appearance in Aristrocrats, though it was heavily made over for its appearance in the episode of Doctor Who entitled The Girl in the Fireplace.

At first I was not certain that it was even the same gown, but as you can see from studying the placement of the stripes and the small flowers embroidered on them, it is indeed the same gown. Trim has been added, and additional bows have been placed over the blue ones on the orginal stomacher.

Costume Credit
Katie S.
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