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Anne of the Thousand Days
Costume seen on Katharine Blake as Elizabeth Boleyn
Elizabeth R
Costume seen on an uncredited extra playing a lady in waiting
Mary, Queen of Scots
Costume seen on an uncredited extra playing a courtier
This beautiful gown was made by costume designer Margaret Furse for the film Anne of the Thousand Days, which went on to win an Academy Award for best costume design. The gown was used again two years later for the BBC's brilliant Elizabeth R. The third time the gown was used was in Mary, Queen of Scots, for which Margaret Furse once again designed the costumes. In order to cut back on cost, some of her previous creations were utilized. What is interesting about its use in Mary, Queen of Scots, is that the oversleeves seem to have been removed, while the undersleeves actually appear to have been reversed - the bell of the sleeve now at the shoulder rather than at the wrist, likely to give the gown a different, more Elizabethan look.
Costume Credit
Katie S.
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