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The Virgin Queen
Costume seen on an extra as a courtier
Lord Robert (originally titled Gay Lord Robert)
2007 reprint of a 1955 novel
Costume seen on the cover of a Jean Plaidy novel
The Virgin's Daughter
Costume seen on the cover of a Jeane Westin novel
The King's Daughter
Costume seen on the cover of a Chritie Dickason novel
The Tudor Wife (also called The Boleyn Wife)
Costume seen on the cover of an Emily Purdy novel
This interesting gown was used in The Virgin Queen, but was likely created for an earlier production. It has since been seen on no less than four novel covers, though it is likely that all of these photos were taken during the same photo shoot - surely the last three must have been, for the model wears the same necklace. The question is, from where does this particular dress originate? Surely it must have come from some production before 2004 considering most of the costumes, especially the ones on the extras were rented.
Costume Credit
Katie S.
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