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We’re loving this gothic capelet and red velvet robe!
I had many requests for a costume from the upcoming Barbie movie, and your wish is my command!
This week we have a diamond necklace that has been seen six times, and a damask coat that’s been spotted four times over the years!
We have an adorable vintage gown and a beautiful vintage brooch with a heck of a history!
A prop and a costume update this week, both of which feature beautiful white lace.
Adjoa Andoh as Lady Agatha Danbury wearing a gold and diamond headpiece in the episode "Diamond of the First Water" of the 2020 series "Bridgerton."
We’ve got old Hollywood glam and a modern pop culture moment with our latest update!
I don’t update props very often, but I have one for you this week, along with a wonderful costume!

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