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Gone With the Wind
Costume seen on Cammie King as Bonnie Blue Butler
Green Dolphin Street
Costume seen on Carol Nugent as Veronica

The jacket, hat and muff, in 2008. Photo Copyright of Bonhams.

Note the blueish/purple frog closures on the front of Bonnie's Jacket.

This costume, designed by Walter Plunkett for Cammie King as Bonnie Bue Butler in Gone with the Wind was used again in the film Green Dolphin Street, for which Plunkett also designed the costumes. The outfit was modified for its use in Green Dolphin Street - the feathers and bows being removed and replaced with another. The frog closures seem to have faded, or been changed out completely, as they appear a dark blue in Gone with the Wind.

The outfit, complete with muff and hat was purchased off the rack during MGM's major auction in 1970. It was later sold at auction by Bonhams in 2008, where it sold for $9,000.

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