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Costume seen on Mary Nash as Fraulein Rottenmeier
The Little Princess
Costume seen on Mary Nash as Amanda Minchin

Colourized version of Heidi showing the incorrect colour for the gown.

Sometimes during the studio era, if an actor or actress was in two films taking place in the same time period, they would be reassigned a costume that they had already worn previously. This saved time, and money, as the studio already had costumes that were made just for that actor that could be easily pulled from stock without any altering.

In this instance, actress Mary Nash wears the same blue Edwardian gown. She first wore the gown in the film Heidi, where it appeared only in black and white. Its true colour was revealed to be blue just a few years latr when she wore the costume again in The Little Princess.

Despite the gown actually being blue, it has shown up in other places as a different colour entirely. A lobby card features the gown as purple, though lobby cards frequently featured incorrect and imaginative colours for costumes.

Once VHS became readily available, Shirley Temple movies became very popular again, and most of her films that were previously in black and white were colourized. The colourized version of Heidi (at left) made the gown a brownish gray.

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