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Costume seen on Geraldine Chaplin as Fräulein Rottenmeier
Doctor Who: The Snowmen
Costume seen on Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara

Whenever a movie costume is on display, or is sold into the hands of a private collector, what is often heard said is just how detailed the costume is, and how much work went into it that simply cannot be seen on film.

However, with the current shift to HD television shows and BluRay films, that is starting to change. The above costume is a wonderful example of how an absolutely exuisite costume becomes something completely different when the details can be seen. The costume worn by Geraldine Chaplin in Heidi is beautiful in its graceful lines and shape. However, when seen in Doctor Who, the previously unseen textures in become more apparent, as do the subtle variation of colours in the different fabrics.

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