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The Pallisers
Costume seen on Susan Hampshire as Glencora Duchess of Omnium
The Onedin Line: Dead Man's Cargo
Costume seen on Costume seen on Jessica Benton as Elizabeth Frazer
Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman: Where the Heart Is

Costume seen as a prop

The Prestige
Costume seen on Scarlett Johansson as Olivia

The 1970s saw a slew of excellent BBC costume dramas, including the 1974 mini-series The Pallisers, based on several novels by Anthony Trollope.  Raymond Hughes, who worked on projects such as Doctor Who and Return to Oz, helped to design the hundreds of costumes required for The Pallisers, which spanned many years and the ever changing silhouette of the Victorian era.  The costumes for The Pallisers have since gone on to be used in numerous productions over the years, including The ParadiseThe Buccaneers and the Onedin Line.

This beautiful embroidered gown, which appeared in The Pallisers on Susan Hampshire as Glencora Palliser, Duchess of Omnium was used again in 2006 in The Prestige, where it was worn on Scarlett Johansson as Olivia. The gown was eventually put on display several years ago as a part of Cosprop’s Cinematic Couture exhibit.  Photos of the exhibit allow one to better see the incredible amount of detail that went into every aspect of the costume.

Costume Credit

Shrewsbury Lasses

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