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Lillie: Going on the Stage
Costume seen on Francesca Annis as Lillie Langtry
Ellis Island
Costume seen on Faye Dunaway as Maude Chartaris
Original Sin
Costume seen on Angelina Jolie as Julia Russell

This pretty costume has been around for quite a while, having been designed and created for Francesca Annis' performance as Lillie Langry in the wonderful mini-series Lillie. It is currently online at Profiles in History, where it will go up for auction October 2014. You can see the auction catalog here. The catalog describes the dress as follows:

This elegant costume is comprised of a long creme and black lace gown with black velvet accents, and rose-colored lace at the sleeves and bust-line, a black lace padded corset with boning reinforcement and hook and loop front and lace-up back.

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