Is it Friday Yet?


Two new costumes and four new sightings for all of you this week. Please keep uploading your submissions and check back next week for new ones.

Updates to the site have begun in earnest and I hope to have all of the visual changes done in the next five weeks or so. I’m also going through each individual page and making small improvements, assigning pages to people, editing photos as needed, adding additional tags, testing various social media schedulers, working on comment transfers, adding a new feature, etc. A lot of this may not be outwardly obvious, but I assure you lots and lots of work is going into this daily to ultimately make the experience better for you all, and ultimately to free up my time to post more updates.

This is all in addition to my actual job, and trying to get two other websites up and off the ground. Whew! Have patience with me! Thank you all!