Happy New Year!


A new year and new costumes! One new costume and three new sightings for all of you today! Enjoy, and please check back next week for more.

A lot left to do here at Recycled Movie Costumes. Working on transferring old comments, working on fixing bugs, getting social media up and running, lots of planning, re-linking some social media posts, figuring out a new social media plan across all platforms, finalizing some new features that aren’t yet live (you’re gonna like it!).

If you run across any problems with the site, errors or bugs, please reach out and let me know.

We’ve had well over three hundred submissions since the new site has gone live, which is AWESOME! That being said, since I’m still super slammed with everything I listed above, I still won’t be able to get to larger updates just yet. Give me a few months and I hope larger weekly updates will become a thing.  So for now if you do not see your contribution having gone live yet, please know it’s coming.  But also know that with hundreds of costumes in the queue, I will do some spacing out of content, because obviously we wouldn’t want to post all 300 contributions at once, so I am doing some content planning with regards to how to space things out both now (when I am busy tying up loose ends on the site) and in the future (when hopefully I have a bit more time for contributions).  I appreciate all of your help and patience with me and this project.