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The White Princess Costumes

October 10, 2023

It wasn’t intentional, but I somehow wound up uploading two costumes that were featured in the White Princess.

I am fairly sure the beautiful beaded cap does not originate from that production. If any of you run into it, please let me know. It really is an extraordinary little piece, and a nice example of being intentional about costuming.  The White Princess costumes are – in my opinion – rather meh. The new pieces are bewildering, and many of the reused pieces look, well…reused. But this little cap is genuinely lovely, and though it likely is too nice to really show up on a servant, it helps to distinguish the Ruth from the other servants. She promises to deliver a letter for Essie Davis’ dowager Queen Elizabeth, and in the next scene when you just see the back of the cap go to the door of Margaret Beaufort, you realize that Ruth has betrayed the dowager Queen Elizabeth.  Heck, playing both sides is probably how Ruth affords that nice cap…

More coming soon! Stay tuned!


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