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It’s always aliens

September 20, 2023

Every time I see a reused costume from Doctor Who, I wish that the show did more historical episodes. Sure, there is a semi-historical once or twice per season, but there are always aliens involved in the historical situation. I mean, I know it’s a sci-fi show, but back in the day some episodes were strictly historical.

Anyway, check out this awesome dress that was used in Doctor Who and originated with Becket. And if you’re interested, check out all the other reused costumes from Doctor Who. Oh, and while you’re at it, watch Becket. It’s reeeeaaally good.

As for this other dress. Wow. Incredible.  But I am a sucker for Greek Key. Did it originate with Vanity Fair? The fit is a bit meh, so I am not 100% sure, but if it originated somewhere else, where would that be? But man, I love that some of these incredible Regency era gowns have been around for years and years and are still going strong.

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